VISUO XS809HW Wifi FPV 2.0MP 720P 120°FOV広角HDカメラFoldable / Egg無人機/カメラなし

VISUO XS809HW Wifi FPV 2.0MP 720P 120°FOV広角HDカメラFoldable / Egg無人機/カメラなし

VISUO XS809W is a super functional RC quadcopter with outstanding appearance and foldable design. It's equipped with a 0.3MP camera with WIFI FPV transmission which provides superb real-time FPV experience, and you can remote control the drone with both transmitter and phone app. What's more, the camera is also tiltable, so that you can adjust the camera angle to get different view. Besides, it's large capacity battery supports about 10 minutes flight and it's 3D flip, headless mode, high/low speed, one-key return function also provide a lot of flying fun. Great choice for drone fans.
(The phone in the following pictures is not included)

Wifi transmission system provides easy and fun FPV flight.
0.3MP camera can take photos and record videos.
Foldable design, portable and easy to carry.
Tiltable camera to adjust view angle.
Unique fuselage design and high quality painting, outstanding appearance.
Upgraded 2.4G 4CH transmitter for your easy control.
The latest 6-axis flight control system, provides super stable flight.
With headless mode, and one-key return care free to fly.
High/low speed mode and 3D flip function provide you cool flying experience.

Brand name: VISUO
Model name: XS809W
Main Material: ABS
Motor type: Coreless motor
Camera pixel: 0.3MP
Function: forward/backward, up/down, left/right, sideward flight, hovering, 3D flips, H/L speed, headless mode, Wifi FPV, photo taking, video recording
Controller Mode: Mode 2
Remote distance: About 100m
Charging time: About 50mins
Flying time: About 10 minutes
Battery dimension: 74 * 31 * 11mm
Transmitter battery: 3 * AA (not included)
Item dimension:
Unfolded: 32.5 * 32.5 * 6cm / 12.8 * 12.8 * 2.4in,
Folded: 18 * 13 * 6cm / 7 * 5.1 * 2.4in
Item weight: 118.4g
There may be some deviation due to manual measurement.
Warm Tips:
The aircraft is not resistant to crash. Attention should be paid to every flight because one crash may cause a product damaged.
When the aircraft is falling down, you need to push the throttle to the bottom immediately in case of motor blocked and burned.
The mobile phone screen is displays with real-time imaging scenarios.
The phone displayed in the picture is just for effect, not included in the package.
Carefully read the instruct
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商品説明VISUO XS809HW Wifi FPV 2.0MP 720P 120° FOV Wide Angle HD Camera Foldable/Egg Drone without camera /wifi pfv 0.3MP Camera 2.4G Selfie Drone Height Hold RC Quadcopter G-Sensor RTF

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