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A certificate is a "fingerprint" of a diamond. A diamond grading report is a detailed explanation of a diamond's characteristics such as its cut, weight and dimensions. Many diamonds are certified by an independent laboratory so that purchasers can feel confident that their diamond is indeed of the quality the seller represents. A certified diamond's quality is guaranteed, and is therefore more valuable than an uncertified stone. A certificate verifies a diamonds identity and value and is recognized by all gemologists.

Diamonds are certified by independent grading entities whose expert gemologists evaluate each diamond's particular characteristics and attributes, such as clarity, cut, color, carat weight and other characteristics. Loose diamonds from are graded by either the , the world's most respected grading entities. These institutes including the HRD are known for their consistency, stringency and impartiality when grading diamonds.

Our Every Diamond is verified by our HRD Certified Diamond Grader (CDG) from HRD Institute, Antwerp (World Diamond Center), Belgium . With this diploma who possesses the basic expertise to recognize certain features in a diamond from HRD Institute, Antwerp, Belgium; features he/she can explain to prospective customers, giving him/her the ability to strengthen cleint relations. The CDG diploma is a professional diamond experience.

The majority of diamonds you'll find at come with a our report.

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A diamond grading report from an independent laboratory is not an appraisal, which estimates the monetary value of a particular stone. It is an unbiased, informed opinion made by an experienced gemologist. You will receive the original certificate or report with your diamond order.

Purchasing loose diamonds accompanied by certificates allows one to comparison shop and know exactly what they are getting. The slightest change in diamonds grading can significantly alter its value