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Fine jewelry box

Every piece of jewelry. The package will be suited to the type of pieces that range from jewelry bag jewelry box is fine I blink. Blue velvet box with a blue, red and pink, depending on the stock we have over them. Fine dashed box is the logo of the store name and the name Fine Silver & Jewelry website. www.finejewelthai.com every box that you can be sure that this is the way the quality of the sponge docks will have two pieces of jewelry that you can have several opportunities available. I have several pieces of jewelry.

Below is the image shapes. We used to meet. Type of ring jewelry, pendant, earrings, bracelet, Bracelet, necklace and jewelry sets. For jewelry. The dark blue is the main color of the shop is fine. There are also other colors according to our needs and we have a warehouse in the range. Customers can be claimed. If you want a special color. , Respectively. May change color. The model is based on the warehouse and our fashion designers to work with. Subject to change without notice.



A jewelry box Amore'Diamond

Diamond Jewelry Amore'Diamond everywhere would use a black silk box seal Amore' Diamond logo and website on the lining inside the lid, all the better. The plush and elegant look on the auspicious ceremony. Customers may want the colors pink, red leather box, we also have Louis. Open the front cover to choose from. Add elegance to your ceremony can be notified before shipping to select styles and colors to meet your needs. , Respectively. May change color. The model is based on the warehouse and our fashion designers to work with. Subject to change without notice.



Free gift wrapping service

We also offer a free gift wrapping service for customers who want to buy a gift, whether it is a new year. Valentine gift. Welcoming a newborn baby. Birthday. Wedding anniversary gifts for dating.

Free gift wrapping service. (Photo by example. A jewelry box. Gift bow tie) in some festival or promotions will be dependent on Fine Gift Bag, gift bag, promotion each month if a customer wants to please advise prior to shipping. I may have to change the color of the bow. And gift bags. Depending on our stock. Without prior notice.



How to Load Fine Jewelry. To delivery.

Every piece of jewelry. Are packed into a plastic bag or zip bag separate pieces to prevent scratching during shipping. And prevent movement. And then packed into boxes or bags velvet But that kind of jewelry. Warranty All products and attach. You will receive all standard. And then we will wrap with plastic airsoft pellets. To be inserted to prevent the transport box. Tightly enclosed. Before packing the parcel. Filled and stuffed with shredded paper to be inserted in a camera to be inserted between the transport. And the camera movements. Before closing the box for delivery by Canada Post for quick and safe delivery status can be verified. Now that's where you are. And when it reaches you. The ใye we recommend that you only send EMS to prevent the loss, and we shuffle and add your signature to the destination service. Allows you to send EMS need to sign the receipt. We pay special To every submission. To prevent others from signing on your behalf and get you to sign this form will be sent back at our Fine to confirm that you are a real product. The signed original is returned by the recipient. As a special service, you will not get from where to buy jewelry.

In addition, we have Free delivery conditions and promotions each month. And delivery of information, policy and safety delivery, we are willing to guarantee satisfaction. Resizable within 7 days to study the details. These are the products. Policy and satisfaction guarantee. Accordance with the conditions specified in the policy.