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Suwan Designed by 2 Expert Jewelry Designers ,Sutimas Wannakomol in the same concept. "We are Thai people"

It is generally well known that Thailand is a craftsman made ​​jewelry with the best expertise in the world. In terms of technical sophistication and low cost. Well known Jewelry Companies  will be relocated to Thailand at all.

We took inspiration from our spirit. Resulting from the merger between Culture-nature of Thailand. We were born and live here.

Make a contribution to reflect the culture-nature, That why we call new trend " Culnature " that you can touchable in SUWAN.  

In our design SUWAN jewelry  in a format that you can in trend wear every day, unique, Fine quality. Made by Rare Lanna (Chiang Mai) Techniques more than 700 years, you don't miss.


์Nanm-Simple-Pendant-Collection-SWP016 ์Nanm-Simple-Pendant-Collection-SWP016
Top Brand -15 %
Nanm Pendant,Simple Pendant,CollectionSilver 92.5% 13.8 g."Nahm" is mean Water. Water influences Thai's life from birth to death of water is the main factor used in cultivation in Thailand. The lines formed by the reflection of the water. In the modern jewelry to wear every day. This penda..
฿4,157 ฿4,890
Ex Tax:฿4,157
แหวนกลีบบัว เงินแท้ เงิน 92.5% 14 กรัม ชุบทอง เหมาะเป็นของขวัญสำหรับคนพิเศษ/ Silver 925 ring 14 g. Plated Gold..
฿5,015 ฿5,900
Ex Tax:฿5,015
ฺBaw-Bangle-Silver-Design-finejewelthai-SWB002-cz ฺBaw-Bangle-Silver-Design-finejewelthai-SWB002-cz
Top Brand -30 %
ฺBaw-Bangle-Silver-Design-finejewelthai-SWB002-czBangle Silver 925 weight 33 g. setting with Cz AAA 2 mm. x 60 p. , 1.5 mm. x 48 p...
฿12,530 ฿17,900
Ex Tax:฿12,530
ฺBaw-Bagle-Silver-Design-suwan-finejewelthai-SWB003-GBL ฺBaw-Bagle-Silver-Design-suwan-finejewelthai-SWB003-GBL
Top Brand -30 %
ฺBaw-Bagle-Silver-Design-Suwan-finejewelthai-SWB003-GBLBaw Suwan Bangle - Suwan Jewelry Bangle fine Silver 925 weight 44 g. Gold and Black Rodium plated...
฿9,730 ฿13,900
Ex Tax:฿9,730
ฺBanana-Leaf-Silver-Earring-Collection-finejewelthai-SWE015-Ox ฺBanana-Leaf-Silver-Earring-Collection-finejewelthai-SWE015-Ox
Top Brand -15 %
ฺBanana Leaf Earring,Silver Earring,Collection Earring Silver 92.5 % 8 g.  Oxidation...
฿4,165 ฿4,900
Ex Tax:฿4,165
ฺBanana-Leaf-Silver-Earring-Collection-finejewelthai-SWE015-M ฺBanana-Leaf-Silver-Earring-Collection-finejewelthai-SWE015-M
Top Brand -15 %
ฺBanana Leaf Earring,Silver Earring,Collection Earring Silver 92.5 % 8 g.  Matt texture ...
฿4,165 ฿4,900
Ex Tax:฿4,165
ฺBanana-leaf-Silver-Bangle-Design-finejewelthai-SWB009 ฺBanana-leaf-Silver-Bangle-Design-finejewelthai-SWB009
Top Brand -15 %
ฺBanana leaf Bangle,Silver Bangle,DesignSilver 92.5% 28 g.Diamond cz  Round  shape 1.5 mm. x 10p...
฿5,517 ฿6,490
Ex Tax:฿5,517
จี้เงินฝังเพชรชุดใบตอง-SWP015-OX จี้เงินฝังเพชรชุดใบตอง-SWP015-OX
Top Brand -15 %
จี้เงิน 92.5% น้ำหนัก 4 กรัม ลงยสดำ ฝังCz สังเคราะห์ เกรด AAA ประกาย ความใส คงทน เทียบเท่าเพชรแท้ เกรดระดับพรีเมียม Cz ขนาด 1.5 mm. จำนวน 5เม็ด..
฿2,797 ฿3,290
Ex Tax:฿2,797
Turtle-pattern-Diamond-Cz-Silver-Bangle-Design-finejewelthai-SWB007 Turtle-pattern-Diamond-Cz-Silver-Bangle-Design-finejewelthai-SWB007
Top Brand -30 %
Turtle pattern Bangle,Diamond Cz Bangle,Silver Bangle,DesignSilver 92.5%   32 g.Diamond cz   Round  shape  1 mm. x 14p...
฿6,230 ฿8,900
Ex Tax:฿6,230
Turquoise-Silver-Bangle-Finejewelthai-SWB004tur Turquoise-Silver-Bangle-Finejewelthai-SWB004tur
Top Brand -30 %
Turquoise Bangle,Silver BangleSilver 92.5%  30 g. Plated White Gold and setting with Magnesite-Turquoise 22.2 carat / 5 pcs...
฿10,430 ฿14,900
Ex Tax:฿10,430
Taw-Suwan-Silver-Ring-Design-finejewelthai-SWR007-G Taw-Suwan-Silver-Ring-Design-finejewelthai-SWR007-G
Top Brand -15 %
Silver Ring,Design Ring Taw collection by SuwanSilver 92.5% 6.5 g.  Gold Plated...
฿2,202 ฿2,590
Ex Tax:฿2,202
Taw Ring,Oxidation Ring, Silver Ring Silver 925 ring 7 g.  with Zirconia Top memium 14 pcs...
฿2,975 ฿3,500
Ex Tax:฿2,975
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