Birthstone of January


• Protecting, fulfilling Sexual Energies

• Fix Relationship Problems

• Helps to convince the mind into the Dharma.

• The ancient Indians believed. Anyone who possesses Garnet is a fetish amulet.

• It will help save everything, including the ghosts.

• If it is decorated as ornaments. Will fortune fortune fortune fortune rich prosperity to the owner.


Birthstone of Fabruary


• It is a remarkable stone in the healing. Keeping up with health, blood diseases, insomnia. Eliminate stress

• Helps to keep the emotions down.

• Also featured in the feng shui good to home.

• Helps people in the home harmonize more.

• In people with headaches often. Amethyst should be placed on the forehead. And meditate for a while. The symptoms will improve as well.


Birthstone of March


• It is a stone of health and beauty.

• accelerate blood circulation

• Has the power to relieve stress. Create pleasure in the mind

• Helps to make careful and concentrated decisions.


• It is a lucky stone that can protect against various dangers That can come from the sea And also helps to avoid seasickness as well

• Helps relieve anxiety. Or negative thoughts

• Helps increase feelings of trust. Understanding Make the relationship last long

• Enhance the beauty of the skin. Bringing property related to the sea.


Birthstone of April


• Bring wealth to the people. Easy to sleep Prevent nightmares

• Protect Victory over enemies. Dare to confront the problem consciously.

• Diamonds are for people who lack confidence. Lack of courage

• Can be stimulated to rise up against various problems. It is also suitable for people who do not slow down. Ignore all things around.


Birthstone of May


• Attract wealth. Growth Protection especially for infants and the elderly.

• The power to wake up. Balance the body and mind to help longevity.

• Yellow jade: help treat nightmares.

• White jade: help calm the mind.

• Green Jade: Helps Healing


• The Stone of Love

• Help people love to reconcile.

• Balance the body.

• Is a stone to call the property.

• To negotiate with customers.


Birthstone of June

Mother of Pearl

• Mother pearl shell. The pearl necklace inside. It has the same meaning. Is a female symbol

• Provides protection benefits. Superstitious

• Antithesis

• Helps women's desire for love. So wear a pearl necklace.

• Believe it makes a happy marriage.

• Also represent currency. Bring wealth to the rich. Take you to the livelihood channels.


Birthstone of July


• Extra love, compassion, wealth

• Protect

• Make fun

• prevent nightmares Ruby is a representation of pure love. The coexistence of male

• Strengthen Love Understanding It is also used as a sexual therapy stone.


Birthstone of August


• Protect Fortune Fortune Bring prosperity.

• Positive reinforcement If you go to work to negotiate the sale. To wear it prominently.


Birthstone of September

Blue Sapphire

• Defend the evil power.

• Property

• Helps the mind brighten.

• Stimulate Loyalty

• Promote honesty and ingenuity.

• Override depression.

• Enhances the look and feel.

• Give Wisdom Power


Birthstone of October


• Suitable for creative people in the field of medicine. Or any form of entertainment.

• Special features are: Can protect fortune fortune. To the person born in Libra. This is a fortune to the zodiac.

• The ancient people also have the belief that the opposite sex appeal to affection affection.


• Helps to recognize the feelings better. Especially love

• Representing love, tenderness and peace.

• Women who wear this type of stone will be protected as well. Especially during pregnancy. Or have a month

• If there is a problem with love. There is a distance in life. Should hold this moon in your hand. And think of the problems. What's happening between them? The power of the stone will soothe your sadness.

• Make the person you are thinking is more understanding of your feelings.

• Help strengthen the love for couples.

• It is useful for people who are press to not express their feelings.

• People who are afraid to have love. Do not know to love and be afraid to be loved or afraid of relationships close.


Birthstone of November


• Help build a positive attitude.

• It helps us to be more creative within ourselves.

• Increases intellectual power. If there is a need to make decisions, use ideas or be in a vulnerable situation. The Citrine in the hand.

• It will make the decision right.

• If you want to understand. Or is presenting a reason It should be worn as a jewelry. Or set it at the desk to help people around. Understanding your communication is easier.

• If you feel that the stone is hot. It means that the stone is warning you to sit calm. Should we find time to meditate?

Yellow Sapphire

• Empowerment Creative power

• Encourage courage. Bring peace to mind

• If you make a ring. Or pendant necklace It will bring good luck. Wealthy wealth Come to the owner


Birthstone of December


• Strengthen the power of both men and women.

• Enables good intellect. And have ability over others.

• Safety Tips And victory over the enemy.

• For women with a big job. Or own a private business. This type of stone should be worn as jewelry. One This type of stone will send power to your loyal followers to be loyal to you.