White Gold

Gold is a metal one. The mixture (Allah's) to a yellowish white. During World War 2-War IIWorld gold is very pleasing. Integrity refers to the age at marriage for the couple because no platinum was removed from the market and used in the military today gold is also popular. With modern strength

Physical characteristics.
     • The chemical formula Au.
     • the element with atomic number 79.
     • atomic weight 197.
     • The yellow metal. Soft and shiny metal. The powder-like color.
     • Melting point is 1060 c.
     • There is a graceful and fast 2970 c.
     • the nature of the metal alloy with silver or other elements such as iron, copper and tellurium dissolved regia.
     • The nature of such a scale is flat or spherical with a dense mass with long branches may be shaped like a crystal tree species are rare. And often have a crystal imperfections.
     • The crystal is in the isometric (Isometric System) and Antioch Lockheed Coral Beach. (Octahedral) The Cube (Cubic) or the like Lockheed Orlando de Coral (Dodecahedral).
     • A series of standard hardness by Mohs 2.5 to 3.
     • The specific gravity of gold is 19.3 usually is between 15.6 -19.3 campsites as clean.
     • A weakness can extract gold hammered into thin sheets. Or as easily.

Classification of gold and silver.

The gold and silver prices higher, making the extraction of gold ore with cyanide solution is to pop as much as it is the simplest way is to use the tool.
Difficult to control and can be used to separate gold ore with less than 5 grams of gold per tonne and is a profitable way to use the standard commercial extraction of gold with cyanide.Only be labor-intensive and requires the operating system at the time the close-up is not used.

gold and silver

Gold and silver mineral properties in which it can be separated from impurities include

     1) The high specific gravity of gold is 19.3 by 10.5 by Gravity's money.
     2) Gold and silver can be soaked in water with mercury. The mercury content in the extract (Amalgmation).
     3) dissolved in a dilute cyanide solution that features an alkaline (Cyanidation).
     4) can be separated by a floating mine. (Flotation) although gold and silver is an alloy in nature.

The purity of gold (White Gold).
The gold in 1000 compared to 100 white 750% compared to the 75% (karatage or innocence. Minimum selling gold jewelry is a legitimate U.S.) is 41.7% pure.

Numbers tell the purity of White on body jewelry 
Wg750-18K, Wg585-14K, Wg375-10K used. Universal common

Advantages and disadvantages
However, to make an all-white band, occasionally with rhodium on gold is alloyed with nickel, it can cause skin allergies, but the percentage that is rarely found in the response.
Many refiners and manufacturers are now offering white gold no nickel, and others are creating white gold alloys that are white enough to not need rhodium plating by mixing palladium. The golden yellow. White with platinum. However, the high production costs. It is not popular. The manufacturer, but that's how we have used this in production. To extend the use of white gold and worn.