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27 Aug How to Clean
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How to CleanDetailed Tips for Care and Cleaning of Fine Jewelry and Watches     Fine jewelry is meant to be worn and passed down to future generations. Taking simple steps to care for and clean your j..
27 Aug Knowledge of the Silver
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Silver       Silver Quality Pure silver is soft and easily damaged. To give it more durability when creating jewelry, it is combined with copper, which makes it sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92...
27 Aug Knowledge of the Gold
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GoldGold Quality The purity of gold is measured in karats. Pure gold measures 24 karats but is too soft in this state to be used effectively in jewelry. So it is alloyed with other metals--silver, cop..
27 Aug Free! Shipping
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Policy For ShippingFast Shipping - Safe.Shipping is fast. This is a nationwide EMS or FedEx to ship with the company's global credibility. Which will be delivered by guarantee. The delivery time is 1-..
27 Aug 7 day Return policy
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Return PolicyTo ensure a satisfactory product. And the size of the A source of high quality jewelry. And designed to be different. If you are not satisfied with the quality ..
27 Aug Jewelry care
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Summerplace jewelry care & cleanSummertime calls for bold jewelry. However, it is important to protect your jewelry during these warm summer months. Here are some simple tips that will keep your jewel..
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