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October jewelry

October jewelry

Libra October


• Suitable for people who use creativity in the Maya industry. or all forms of entertainment industry

• There are special characteristics. can protect and enhance the fortune for people born in the zodiac sign of Libra which is to enhance the horoscope for only this zodiac since ancient times

• The ancient people also believed in enhancing the charm to attract the opposite sex to be affectionate as well.


• Help to recognize different feelings better. especially love

• Representing love, tenderness and peace.

• Women who wear this stone will be emotionally protected as well. especially during pregnancy or have a menstrual cycle

• If there is a problem in love There is a distance in married life. This moonstone should be held in hand. and think of problems that are happening between The energy waves of the stone will soothe you and alleviate your sorrows.

• Make the person you're thinking about understand your feelings better.

• Help enhance the power of love for lovers.

• Useful for those who are repressed and unable to express their feelings.

• People who are afraid to love. Not knowing how to love and being afraid of being loved or being afraid of intimacy.

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